Your Fashion News: Kanye's Collection Sells out in 24 Hours & Style Scoop

Find out what went down this past week in the fashion world:

(1) Taylor Swift fans sent death threats to EDM clothing company, Bad Kids Clothing. Swift fans were threatening Bad Kids Clothing because the company had printed a custom t- shirt for one of their friends. The t-shirt listed all of the men that Swift had been involved with. The Swifties were offended!

(2) Diane von Furstenberg recently planted a giant lipstick tree in her backyard.

(3) Mad Men's Janie Bryant is set to host her own reality TV series of  fashion and design competitions.

(4) Kanye West's A.P.C collection debuted on Monday, and all of the merchandise was sold within the first twenty four hours.

(5) A new facial recognition device was recently designed by NEC IT Solutions. The device will allow store clerks to scan the faces of customers and later be notified which of those customers are VIP- allowing employees to more effectively cater to their clients.