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Your Favourite Poutine Spot Has Been Named "Best Late Night Poutine"

While the rest of Montreal gets snubbed.
Your Favourite Poutine Spot Has Been Named "Best Late Night Poutine"

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Poutine's ever-growing popularity is both a blessing and a curse. On the divine side of things, the classic Montreal dish is getting some serious recognition across the nation and around the world. What's bad, though, is poutine slowly being dissociated with Montreal, which isn't okay, because the city is, and forever should be, the poutine capital of the world. One website doesn't seem to think so.

Listing the best late night poutines in Canada, travel website listed 9 different restaurants, with no official ranking system being employed. La Banquise, one of Montreal's most famous poutineries, makes the list, as it should, but it's the only Montreal restaurant featured. Toronto, on the other hand, had three.

The article's write-up on La Banquise wasn't bad or poorly informed. Reference was made to the resto's variety of poutines, and the piece even gave a rundown of La Banquise's unique history, which was interesting to read. But again, I just couldn't get over the fact that the articles gives triple the amount of words to Toronto-based restos. Smoke's Poutinerie is even on the list, which everyone knows is the basic betch of all poutine joints.

Anyone with any basic knowledge of Montreal's poutine scene, or just did a google search, would instantly be able to talk at length about the city's great poutine spots. Instead, the many restos that make Montreal the world's poutine capital were ignored entirely. La Banquise did deserve to be on this list of best late night poutines, no question there, but we can't stand for a city-wide snub when Toronto got so much love.

T-dot does not even understand poutine, they've transformed it into a hot mess of a dish where random additions are tacked on top of fries, cheese, and gravy to make "fancy" poutines, which is not what poutine is about. Everything is is sub-par and even Torontonians know it. It makes sense this article would list La Banquise, given the resto's notorious amount of poutine-variations, but at least La Banquise does it well.

Check out the full listing of restos below, and read the full article here. Just try not to get as worked up as I did.

1. Poutini’s House of Poutine, Toronto

2. Willy’s Fresh Cut, Halifax, Nova Scotia

3. The Big Cheese Poutinerie, Calgary

4. Fritz European Fry House, Vancouver

5. La Banquise, Montreal

6. Disgraceland, Toronto

7. Smoke’s Poutinerie, Nation-wide

8. Mean Poutine, Vancouver

9. The Lakeview, Toronto

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