15 Montreal Farmers Markets To Get The Fresh Fruit And Vegetables You Crave During The Summer

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15 Montreal Farmers Markets To Get The Fresh Fruit And Vegetables You Crave During The Summer

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Montreal’s summer sprouts some great public and farmers markets. This short list is an unranked compilation of some of the best markets this summer, with no official distinction made between public and farmers' markets. Whether you’re a Montrealer looking for some fresh food in a fun space, or a tourist looking to experience something French-ish, these markets will be the lightning bugs in your jar! Please tell us about markets we've missed!

This public market features re-selling from vendors within the city, as well as lots of fresh local produce, cheeses, meats, fish, etc. Although it is open year-round, Jean-Talon is back to full strength during the summer, with full outdoor stalls selling fresh Quebec produce. Every Sunday from Mid-August to October organic foods of all kinds are available for purchase from kiosks on Dollard Ave., between Van Horne and Lajoie. Meats are sold as well as produce. Check back with this website for specific dates when it gets closer to autumn! .This local farmers market is open from June 15-November 2. Marche Fermier is a great place to pick up fresh local produce. Marche Fermier believes strongly in using sustainable practices, and provides an education concerning environmental and social consequences of modern food production. Save the bees! .Grown out of Le Maître Gourmet comes this lovely Saturday and Sunday summer market. Beginning Saturday June 7, this market will feature organic local fruits and vegetables.Although Lufa Farms can provide you with produce from Runaway, a short trip to Arundel to pick up some organic fruits and veggies is really fun. This beautiful farm features 200 acres of natural paradise including a small lake, picnic areas, and hiking trails. This 24/hour farmers market is a Montreal original. Only steps from the Metro, this is a great place for spring-summer-fall fruits and veggies. Lots of good pumpkins, gourds, and squash for Halloween. The market also sells trees at Christmas but is closed for much of the winter.This diminutive public market is a great downtown location for year-round produce, cheese, and pastries. This Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve public market houses everything you want and expect: a gardener, baker, butcher, fishmonger, etc., year-round. This year-round market is housed in a rather incredible old building, but much like Atwater, the selection can leave something to be desired. From roughly May-October this Co-op sets up a temporary market with local produce, cheeses, and more! This is the Angus location of L’Autre Marché, a lovely institution that features local and organic produce as well as other foods. This true farmers market is a great place to come and enjoy the summer from June 13-October 17! This Rosemère farmers market is open from August 9-October 11. This location is a great spot for autumn parking-lot picnics with pumpkin, squash, and much more! Our Little Farm is an excellent example of community supported agriculture (CSA). To join a CSA customers pay in advance for a share of produce. This way, every week the farmers drop off just-plucked veggies for consumers to pick up at drop-off points, in pre-specified baskets. A CSA allows the consumer a real connection to their food, a chance to visit the farm, and excellent prices on the freshest produce. This CSA operates from late June to late October.  on Our Little Farm. And for more info on all Quebec CSAs near you.Santropol Roulant sells vegetables from their farm and two urban gardens in the lower Plateau-Mont Royal neighborhood as well as at the . Since 1933, Atwater Market has been a staple for Montrealers looking for fresh produce, meats, and great cheese. Some say it may be too touristy now a days but it is opened year round so that may be one of the reasons. Atwater Market becomes even more lively during the summer months. Get all the info .

2. Lufa Farms

Montreal’s own Lufa Farms offers deliverable packages of local produce. How local? Lufa Farms grows lots of food right here in the city in rooftop greenhouses. They also source from many surrounding farms. The entire project is organic and run sustainably. With tons of pick up points across the city, check out Lufa with your produce orders of 30$ or more! Click here for hours of operation etc.

3. Marche Bio Outremont

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4. Marche Fermier

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5. Le Maître Gourmet: Marche de Quartier

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7. Côte-des-Neiges Farmers Market

8. Lachine Market

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9. Maisonneuve Market

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10. Marché Saint-Jacques

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11. N.D.G Neighborhood Seasonal Market at Co-op la Maison Verte

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12. L’Autre Marché Angus

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13. L’Autre Marché Rosemère

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15. Santropol Roulant

Little Burgundy Citizen's Market

BONUS: Atwater Market


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