Your Guide To The Montreal Fashion Week 2013

Montreal's biggest and most exciting fashion event is just around the corner. From September 3 until 6, fashion industry experts will come together to celebrate Montreal Fashion Week for the 25th year in a row.

Produced by Groupe Sensation, this event will showcase the works of several talented designers, allowing attendees to get an early glimpse of up and coming trends.

For four consecutive days, fashion shows will be held at L'Arsenal, home to dozens of contemporary art spectacles and located by Lionel- Groulx metro.

Check out what will be happening on each of the four days:

Tuesday September 3:

On September 3, fashion shows will commence at 16:30 and resume at 21:30. Each spectacle will cover the duration of one hour. The runway shows will include the works of international and local designers such as Pedram Karimi, Christian Chenail, Melissa Nepton and more.

Wednesday September 4:

On September 4, Lasalle College will be hosting a fashion show at 11:00, which will also showcase a series of works by fashion icons such as fashion stylist and creative direction, Annie Horth. Several other events will take place on this day, however their attendance is by invite only.

Thursday September 5:

On September 5, a series of fashion shows will be presented by talented artists such as Nisse, Rush Couture, Helmer, and more. The excitement will begin at 15:30, and the series will resume at 22:30.

Friday September 6:

On September 6, a collective fashion show including designs by Impair, Brit Wacher and Marilyne Baril will definitely impress the crowd. This collaborative fashion show will begin at 16:30 and will be followed by several more. Models will own the runway while wearing garments designed by Xavier Laruelle, Martin Lim,  Tavis Taddeo and Eve Gravel.

Guests who wish to attend Montreal Fashion Week have the opportunity to purchase a "Passeport" which will allow them access to all of the runway shows for the four consecutive days. You can also chose to buy a "Pass", which allows access to all of the fashion shows on a specific day. Individual tickets can also be purchased for access to the runway show of the designer of your choice.

Montreal Fashion Week is the most exciting fashion event in Montreal with out a doubt! Check out it's official website HERE to learn more and purchase tickets to some of the hottest fashion shows of the year.