Your Hipster Beard Is Nothing Compared To These Men

Beard game on a whole other level.
Your Hipster Beard Is Nothing Compared To These Men

Cover photo cred - @drunkoffashion

You may remember about a year ago, women were dyeing their underarm hair all the colours of the rainbow, which was both fun and odd at the same time. Well move over furry feminists, because there's a new trend in town and it's sure to inspire the beard fetishist of the city, and we know there's no shortage of those.

If you didn't get a chance to decorate your beard for Christmas, not to worry. Now's the prefect chance to get really creative with your rebellious bristles by dyeing them your favourite colours. If you don't have any long whiskers of your own, find someone who has, and add some much needed pizzazz to our otherwise bland and monochrome winter. You know you want to.

Nothing brings out blue eyes like a blue beard.

 Real mean wear pink.

Photo cred - @webstylestory

I mean, you can't deny this man's swag.

Look at that rich emerald green beard. Simply magnificent.

And why stop at just one colour? Represent your ROGYBIV pride.

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