Your Horoscope For This Week In Canada

Goodbye Pisces season, hello Aries season!
Your Horoscope For This Week In Canada

We're nearing Aries season and that retrograde is still going strong. So what do the planets have in store for you this week?

Well, Mars and Pluto are coming together to give us all a goal-crushing boost. Maybe that's why you're feeling so inclined to get that Spring cleaning started?

Also, as the sun enters Aries, the moon enters Libra and the full moon could heighten irritability and moodiness...  so, deep breaths, Canada.

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TL;DR This is what you can expect this week in Canada based on your Zodiac sign. With Aries season starting and a full moon on Wednesday, we've got a great week ahead.

Aries | march 21 - april 19

It's nearly your season, Aries. So expect a desire for love and socializing. Share the love you have inside and let your giving come right back around to you. Now's the time to ask for that thing you've been desiring but putting off, your charm will make it hard for people to say no this week.

Taurus | april 20 - may 20

Use the last of Pisces season to square away any tech and group work loose ends. Once we enter Aries season, it's time for you to focus inwards and start checking off those boxes of personal growth and development. Before you know it we'll be in Taurus season, so set the wheels in motion to make this your best birthday yet.

Gemini | may 21 - june 20

Your hard work is itching to pay off, so go buy yourself something shiny and feel good about all the elbow grease you laid down to get it - your reputation can handle it. Enjoy your partner or your friends this week, and as the weekend rolls in keep communication lines open. You may need the wisdom of an older woman this weekend.

Cancer | june 21 - july 22

Like I mentioned above, Mars and Pluto are aligned this week to help you get shit done! So let your ambitions sweep you away. You may find the strength to be uncharacteristically assertive this week, while still keeping the peace, so go ahead and shine, Cancer. This fire you've got inside isn't just professional... you'll benefit from using it in the bedroom, too.

Leo | july 23- august 22

If you've been keeping to yourself this Pisces season, now is the time for you to step back into your proverbial spotlight. Part of your re-found zest for life could be the desire to book a trip, and that you should... but maybe wait until the retrograde is over on the 28th? This need for adventure doesn't mean cutting ties, so don't be afraid to maintain friendships or even romance as you venture out into the world.

Virgo | august 23 - september 22

This Pisces season hit you hard, didn't it Virgo? Whatever has been going on with your family or other important relationships has been touchy lately, but you should seize these moments to open up and better explain yourself to those who you care about and who care about you. Even still, you've got a drive to win, so selfish or not, go for your goals and put yourself first.

Libra | september 23- october 22

This is the end of the sun in Pisces, your sixth house of work and organization. Soon it will allllll pay off, Libra. While it's been a tough go, hopefully, you are now seeing what you are made of, and you shouldn't soon forget it! As the sun enters Aries, dive deep into the relationships you may have been neglecting as you've been focusing on your professional goals. If you don't like what you hear, perhaps it's because the truth hurts.

Scorpio | october 23- november 21

Power and influence are in abundance with Mars and Pluto coming together to give you goal-crushing energy. Go after your ambitions, but be aware of the impact you have on those around you... that stinger is real, Scorpio! Tied up in this ambitious energy is a renewed sex drive, plus a desire to reveal your inner self, so let go and go with it.

Sagittarius | november 22- december 21

As the sun leaves your fourth sector of house and home, now is your last best chance at settling any matters of the heart with those you live with and love. Then, when the sun enters Aries on Wednesday, you'll be ready to jump out of hibernation and into the realm of lust and love. You're seeking creation - whether that means babies, relationships or something more tactile, give in!

Capricorn | december 22- january 19

Pluto and Mars are playing to your strengths this week, Cap, so go out there and get whatever it is you want to accomplish this week. This drive to attain your desires applies to your love life, too, so if there is someone out there who needs to know how you feel, this week is the time to open up and put it out there. With that said, keep your wits about you. Don't lower your standards in love or in how you carry your self.

Aquarius | january 20 - february 18

Whatever you've been working on, whether its a budget or a work project, it's time to tie it all up and solidify the outcome. As we enter Aries, you're in a position to better connect with the local world around you, whether it's new people or new places that you've yet to discover right at your doorstep. The full supermoon on Wednesday in Libra might have you earning for travel and adventure - but remember, like I said, that doesn't have to be abroad. Keep it in the budget, Aquarius.

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Pisces | february 19 - march  20

The end of your season is upon us, but this week is set up to help you make the absolute most of it all before the sun slides away into Aries. Your sharp wit and eloquent speech work well to keep you moving towards success. Act on your instincts, they rarely steer you astray, Pisces. Use this week to connect with the arts in a new way.

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