Your Memory Sucks Because You Do These Bad Things Daily

Stop blaming the weed.
Your Memory Sucks Because You Do These Bad Things Daily

Ever wonder how your daily life choices impact your memory? Or about things like the weather that you have no control over but seem to wreak havoc on your senses on a regular basis? Well, here's what's really controlling your memory.

Your Diet

Surviving on Pizza pies all year? It's probably hurting more than just your waistband and onlookers subjected to your jelly rolls. Research has linked high-fat diets to poor memory in lab rats, over multiple studies. The same is actually true for people who have a low-carb diet, which is probably bad news for all those biddies that still swear by Atkins. Move on. Maybe keep your memory and workout instead of restricting your carb-load. Drinking a lot of diet soda or just love some sweetener in your morning coffee? The aspartame used in zero-calorie sweeteners has been shown to really shred your memory, especially if consumed on a regular basis over years.

The Weather

So, studies linking weather and memory seem pretty inconclusive. Seems like there's a link, but scientists can't decide whether good weather makes your memory better, or the opposite. A bad mood induced by shitty weather has been shown to increase a person's ability to remember details, because apparently when you're feeling bitchy, you tend to focus more on your surroundings and put more thought to them, and probably judge them. I feel like that's enough justification to get my grumps on.

Smoking cigarettes

Yet another reason to quit that habit you said you'd quit last week, or last year. Even though in the short run, nicotine has been shown to increase short-term memory, cigarette smoking has been linked to a doubled risk of Alzheimer's and also a decreased verbal memory. Is that the final shove to get you to stop?


It happens constantly, you overbook yourself and try to balance your work-time, play-time, and school-time and all that ends up suffering is your relationship with your bed. It's probably one of the more key relationships you'll ever have though, so maybe put some more hours in--it could fix those memory lags you've been having when your conversations with yourself start going like this: "What did I do last Saturday? Um, fuck who knows. Yesterday? Um. What'd I eat for breakfast? Did I even eat breakfast?" It's also not just the hours of sleep you get, but also the quality of your sleep. Try to figure out your sleep cycles to get that deep-sleep memory consolidation.


If you've got twenty million things on your mind, your brain considers them in first-come-first-serve logic. Which means that if you pile things on the memory load, your brain's going to be more likely to forget those in the middle of the lineup, but most likely to remember those on either end. You could either make the perfect schedule to ensure that you remember everything important in your life, or you could make your life hella easier and just trim the fat.

Tweaking these variables in your life might just be the way to keep that memory matter from evaporating constantly. There's only a few free passes before your flakiness gets on everyone's nerves. Got a surefire way to improve one's memory banks? Let us know in the comments below!

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