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Your Montreal STM Bus Route Is Going To Be Late All Summer Long

Construction season, er, I mean summer is pretty much in full swing here in Montreal, and while we get to enjoy the beautiful weather, this time of year does bring about some points of frustration. By which I mean those orange harbingers of doom otherwise known as construction cones.

Heralding detours and delays for drivers, the iconic Montreal construction cones are also getting in the way of folks who take public transit. Basically, all the construction work going on is affecting a majority of STM bus routes, and Montrealers are seriously getting miffed.

Out of the entire STM bus network (comprised of 220 lines) 140 lines are being rerouted due to construction work, according to Le Journal de Montréal. That makes up about 63% of the entire bus network, and in most cases, the reroutes are causing some serious delays in service.

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Not that you really need to be told if you're a regular bus-taker, because you've lived through the frustration of having your oft-used bus route suddenly take a major detour due to a new construction site.

STM bus drivers aren't any more pleased. Riders are incredibly pissed at the delays in service and drivers need to deal with all of that frustration, which is often directed at them even though the driver can't do much to ameliorate the situation.

And don't blame the STM for all of the bus drama either, because the public transit company is doing its best to navigate through a construction-ridden Montreal. But while the STM tries its best to figure out the fastest routes amid a myriad of orange cones, at times, their effort can be in vain.

So if you're taking a bus this summer, be prepared for some delays because you have more than a 50% chance of riding a line that will encounter construction. The solution? Well, there isn't one, other than maybe taking the metro instead.

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