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Your OPUS Card Is Now A Smartphone App

A big win for STM riders.
Your OPUS Card Is Now A Smartphone App

Praise be to the gods of technology, who have finally blessed the public transit system of Montreal, allowing the STM to (finally) make a step towards modern technological convenience.

Sorry, that was a bit much, but I'm just super pumped to hear that the STM has joined forces with two innovative companies to create an app that will essentially replace your OPUS card, allowing you to pay for your metro/bus rides with your phone.

Partnering with suretap, a mobile wallet app, and EnStream, a mobile commerce company owned by Bell, Rogers, and TELUS, the STM's first smartphone-payment prototype was deemed an official success, as outlined in a CNW news release.

Tested within a “laboratory environment,” the prototype app was able to securely store all the essential credentials found on an OPUS card, and then able to easily pass through STM turnstiles and transit readers, being recognized as a physical OPUS card.

The prototype was also able to facilitate the purchase of tickets and fares online, using credit cards already connected to the suretap wallet app. Sounds like a far easier way of recharging your OPUS than the “Opus Solution Online” initiative, which no one seems to use.

But don't get your hopes too high just yet, because while the prototype app has been deemed successful in a controlled setting, that doesn't mean it's all that close to being launched for real-world use. No prospective launch date for the smartphone Opus card was detailed either.

Still, this is a major leap forward for the STM, and is exactly what Montrealers want to hear from the city's public transit company. Because while we may all hate on the STM sometimes, it's nice to know they're actively working towards making our lives easier, and an OPUS-app will definitely do that.

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