Your OPUS STM Monthly Pass Is Going To Cost You $2.50 More In 2015

A new year in Montreal brings a new raise.
Your OPUS STM Monthly Pass Is Going To Cost You $2.50 More In 2015

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Be prepared to carry an extra quarter on your person when you're taking the bus or metro come 2015, as the STM just announced their budget for the coming year, which unfortunately comes with an increase to the price of single rides and monthly fares.

The STM detailed their reasoning behind the price hike and the breakdown of their budget in a press release put online yesterday. You can read it here, but for anyone looking to save 5 minutes, the cause for the increased ticket price can be summed up by "more expenses."

Fares are set to increase on January 1st, 2015. You can check out a detailed table of info on the new STM rates here, but again, for anyone looking to save 5 minutes, here's the basic breakdown:

  • A single ride: $3.00 → $3.25
  • Monthly passes: $79.50 → $82
  • Reduced rate monthly passes: $47.25 → $49.25
  • 4 months reduced rate: $180 → $189

Not SO bad, right? Still, I'm sure tons of you are in a mostly justified uproar over the STM's fare increase, especially since the same thing happened last year, but before you get your knickers in a twist, keep in mind Montreal still has the cheapest transit fares in the country, and unlike last year, increased prices will also bring increased service on the STM network.

More metro trains are planned for the Orange and Green lines during AM and PM rush hours, along with the Blue line but only in the eve. Certain bus routes will see increased service, specifically the 105 Sherbrooke and the 180 De Salaberry, as will the STM's shared taxi services. Take all that as the silver lining to the dark cloud that is paying more money to take the bus/metro

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