Your Performance: 5 Things You Should Be Doing To Increase It

You don't want to be caught off guard.

How do you guys prepare yourselves to be the best that you can be? To be totally honest, performance matters in every single aspect of life... But I'm sure you already knew that.

The best advice I can give for increasing performance? Maintaining healthy habits and pursuing new opportunities. This way, when you're really ready to perform, you can be proud of your work. And of your play, too.

1. You need to try new hobbies.

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How was your day today, friend? Was it exhausting? Well, no worries. After a long day, some much needed relaxation time might be just what you need... unless your unwind time is idle time. This won't replenish your energy. You're doing it wrong, sadly; it'll just leave you feeling super demotivated.

So, find a new hobby to keep your mind sharp. Maybe it's learning to play an instrument. Maybe it's building a model train, or joining a sewing circle or a floor hockey league, or getting into photography. Whatever it is, it's awesome - trying something new is reinvigorating. You meet new friends, learn new skills, and the confidence you develop will carry over into other aspects in life. Slay, friend. Slay.

2. You need stay active.

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You already know how important it is to get yourself out of breath and sweaty on the reg, but just in case, I'll reiterate: regular exercise will improve your physical and mental well-being. Staying active builds your stamina, increases your confidence, and keeps your energy levels high.

Thankfully, Montreal has tons of opportunities for you to turn free time into fit time. Bike to work; go for a hike; or check out any one of Montreal's outdoor gyms, a super smart and sunny way to keep yourself in tip top shape.

3. You need to eat balanced meals.

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And when I say balanced, I really mean it. Just like most things in life, a healthy diet is about quality rather than quantity... But even a quality steak is better digested with a side of veggies and a glass of water.

Variety is the spice of life, guys, and your body needs it to make sure you're taking in the right balance of nutrients. So skip filling up on a whole entire pizza and balance out your food groups. You'll shed unhealthy weight, feel super energized, and prepare your body to perform at its best.

4. You need to view purchases as investments.

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True talk, we all work hard, we all try to live our best lives, and we all (probably) can't afford to pay for a house in cash up front. No worries, though. Most folks pay off their larger purchases over time, which is actually a super smart move, as they're slowly investing in the long-term benefits.

Try applying this logic to smaller purchases, too. Sure, an expensive pair of jeans might cost you more upfront. But those few extra dollars won't feel too bad in a few years, when you're still rocking your pants and your friends have shelled out three times as much on less quality pairs. The lesson here, guys, is that a few extra dollars up front are worth it for quality brands that you can be proud of.

5. You need to get out of town.

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Sure, Montreal is the best. But everyone needs a little break from real life, and some time to chill with friends and family. And to play as hard as you work, you have to broaden your horizons a little bit. Get out of town, shake up your routine - it's invigorating, trust.

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