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Your Summer Never Needs To End Thanks To The Mobile Cellar

Giving out the greatest gift of all.
Your Summer Never Needs To End Thanks To The Mobile Cellar

Sometimes we wonder if Montreal can get any cooler. Sure our roads suck, and the economy isn't great, and the politics are questionable, but you'd be hard-pressed to find another city that offers as much fun per square mile as our little island, and surrounding areas of course. With a plethora of block parties, music and comedy festivals, street fairs, activities, parties and events, it's safe to say we are a spoiled bunch. The only problem is: alcohol not usually included. So what's a thirsty Montrealer to do?

This age-old conundrum will thankfully be answered in the form of the Languedoc Wines Mobile Wine Cellar giving out one of the greatest gifts of all - WINE! Oh, did we mention, it also talks? That's right, keep an eye out for this magical, magnificent machine this month around the city.

If you've never tried Languedoc wines before, it's the largest vineyard in the world found on the sunny shores of the south of France. Boasting some 36 unique appellations where no two wines are alike, Languedoc wines are a true taste of the Mediterranean, rich with Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah grape varieties, and perfect for indulging with friends or enjoying the simple moments of pleasure.

So not only is it free wine, but it's good wine! All you have to do is be polite to the little guy and say hello. Be warned, the travelling wine fridge does like to play, so you might have to answer a trivia question or two to claim your prize, but I have faith you can handle it.

The Languedoc Wines Mobile Wine Cellar will be appearing at various locations over the coming weeks to give out bottles of wine from the Languedoc region, and of course, make some new friends at the same time. Stay tuned to find out where you'll be able to find the cellar, and make sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates at the Mobile Wine Cellar's next event!

Here are the wines the Mobile Wine Cellar will be stocked with: