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Zara Is Having A Huge 70% Off Sale Across Canada

In-store and online!
Zara Is Having A Huge 70% Off Sale Across Canada

Zara, the affordable and trendy retailer, is a staple of millenial fashion. 

It's the go-to store for that perfect floral jacket and those pants with that flattering cut.

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So, naturally, when the chain announces a major sale, fans go into a frenzy. And no news drops harder than the arrival of Zara's end-of-season sales.

Via zara

Well, the time has come.

Minutes ago, the clothing company announced their end-of season sale in Canada. Items from the spring and summer line are listed for up to 70% off their standard price!

The sale covers both in-store goods and pieces from the online store.

Here are some of the items with the best deals:

Palazzo pants $35.99 – regularly $79.90

Coat with lapel collar $59.99 – regularly $149.00

Pleated dress $29.99 – regularly $69.90

Checkered blazer $59.99 – regularly $119.00

Bomber jacket $39.99 – regularly $79.90

This seems like our best chance to snag some summer styles that are even cheaper than Zara's already reasonable prices.

The best part: summer hasn't even officially begun so there's plenty of time to rock these looks.

Check out the full extent of the deal on the Zara website here.


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