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Tax season often brings woe to Canadian workers, reminding us of just how annoying paperwork can be and just how small our income may be. On the bright side of all the bureaucracy is the potential to earn a little windfall from the government in the form of tax credits, depending on your employment status, income and disability status, among other things.

The new Canada Workers Benefit (CWB), whose first advance payment is set to go out on July 28, is one such windfall, offering up to $1,428 to eligible individuals and $2,461 to eligible families to supplement lower incomes. Let's take a look at this credit, how you can secure it, and what the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does to determine how much you'll get.

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On November 4, the Government of Canada unveiled proposed changes to the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) as part of its 2022 Fall Economic Statement. The measure would mean eligible single Canadians and families receive their CWB payments in advance of the regular payment dates.

The CWB is currently a credit sent out to Canadians who qualify for the benefit via tax returns — meaning you'd have to always wait for the tax year to end before receiving the credit.

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On June 16, 2022, Canada's Department of Finance shared a press release announcing changes to the Canada Workers Benefit.

The enhanced benefit comes as part of the federal government's new Affordability Plan, which aims to "make life more affordable for millions of Canadians," particularly as inflation rates continue to rise.

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With the rising cost of like... everything throughout the country, low-income Canadian renters can expect a one-time payment of $500 from the federal government this year as part of a plan to make life more affordable.

It's one part of a handful of measures aimed at helping Canadians struggling with inflation.

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The federal government updated the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) back in 2021 and today, over three million Canadians are now eligible for the refundable tax credit — and you could be eligible for up to $2,400.

While tax season can be tough enough, knowing what you are eligible to receive from the Government of Canada is pretty handy information, and we're making it a little easier to keep up with what you may be entitled to.

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