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Héma-Québec Put Out A Call For Plasma & Now People Are Calling The Organization Homophobic

Gay men can only donate blood after 3 months of abstinence.

A social media ad calling for plasma donors has garnered hundreds of "likes" and "shares." But it has also sparked controversy with over a dozen commenters accusing Héma-Québec of homophobic practices that exclude gay men.

"Quebec needs plasma donors," the sponsored post says. The caption reads: "Plasma donation changes the lives of thousands of Quebecers. Plan your visit to a donation centre near you."

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The SPVM Is Looking For 'Potential Victims' Of A Montreal-Area Baseball & Hockey Coach

He's been charged with sexual assault.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) says it is looking for potential victims of Robert Litvack, a Montreal-area baseball and hockey coach who worked with teenagers and young adults.

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Advocates Protested Trudeau's Housing Policy In Front Of His Montreal Campaign Office

"We can't be satisfied with half-measures."

Around 80 housing advocates gathered in front of Justin Trudeau's campaign office in Montreal on Tuesday to protest on behalf of social housing and against inadequate housing and what they say is Trudeau's "lack of commitment" on the issue.*

"The health crisis exposed the serious physical and mental health consequences for tenants in Mr. Trudeau's riding living in substandard overcrowded housing, and in particular for the development of children and the safety of abused women. One would hope that this would lead to greater interest on his part, but it didn't," Comité d'Action de Parc-Extension coordinator Amy Darwish said in a press release.

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A Massive 10 km Laval Traffic Jam Clogged A Highway As Crews Carried Out Emergency Work

Workers had to take down a structure.

There was a 10-kilometre traffic jam on Highway 15 in Laval this morning, according to the Ministry of Transport.

The massive jam was caused by an accident.

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Quebec's Vaccine Passport Grace Period Is Officially Over & Fines Can Now Go Up To $6,000

There are also punishments for faking a passport, Dubé has said.

Quebec's vaccine passport is in full force on Wednesday, September 15, as a two-week grace period comes to an end. The grace period was designed to give business owners and customers an opportunity to adapt, according to Health Minister Christian Dubé.

Fines for non-use of the passport did not apply in the first two weeks of September.

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Montreal Hosted A Huge Corgi Party With 150 Dogs & It Was A Sea Of Fluffy Butts (PHOTOS)

It was a corgious affair for the pets and their people.

A party was held in Montreal on September 11, and this one went straight to the dogs.

The event, called "Le Happy Corgi Party," was hosted by YATAI MTL as part of the city's first Shoni Market, a celebration of Asian cuisine that offered Montrealers samples of delicious street fare from about 30 different kiosks.

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