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A minor change to Quebec driver's licenses — the removal of a phone number listed on the back of the license – cost the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) a cool $80,000 earlier this year.

The change was listed on the Quebec government's public tender platform — where the government and other public agencies submit requests for contracts relating to public projects — as a "modification of the design of the driving license" on April 11, 2023.

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Today, we're going to walk you through our browser push notifications system, ensuring you stay connected with the trending stories around Montreal. Let's dive right in.

What Are Browser Push Notifications?

Browser push notifications are small pop-up messages that appear on your device's screen (even when the browser is minimized or closed), keeping you informed about updates from websites you've subscribed to. They're a great way to stay updated without constantly checking the site.

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When you ask people in Montreal if they know MTL Blog, they’ll often say our posts are prominently featured in their Instagram feeds, or that they recently clicked on one of our articles on Facebook.

We’ve always been a socially-driven company, and have loved bringing the audiences on these platforms stories that connect them to the city they live in and love.

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Summer is in full swing and love is undoubtedly in the air across Canada – and we're talking love in all its various and questionable shapes and sizes. From coast to coast, Ashley Madison, the Canadian online dating service marketed primarily to people who are in relationships and looking for an entanglement, dropped its list of Canada’s Top 20 Cities for Summer Affairs and one spot in Quebec made the cut.

"As one of the world’s most progressive countries, Canada is no stranger to the appeal of non-monogamy and more Canadians are exploring [those] possibilities," Ashley Madison shared in an email to MTL Blog.

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Last week marked the soft launch of the revamped MTL Blog website, taking us back to our essence as a local publication devoted to forging a deeper bond between you and the vibrant city of Montreal.

We've poured our hearts into building a solid foundation, and today, we're thrilled to also introduce Milla, our fresh fintech brand and platform that powers the MTL Blog logged-in experience. It's a game-changer for our registered and Pro users, unveiling a myriad of exciting features.

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Québec Solidaire is throwing a bone to pet owners in the midst of the province's ongoing housing crisis. The party introduced Quebec's first bill aimed at allowing animals in residential spaces in the National Assembly on May 25. If passed, the bill would make it illegal for rental properties to turn away tenants with four-legged roommates.

The legislation, presented by Laurier-Dorion MNA and Québec Solidaire housing critic Andrés Fontecilla, aims to relieve the stress of pet owners hunting for affordable housing.

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You can be the first to see "Ghetto University", an inspiring and powerful documentary produced by Montreal native and entrepreneur, Frederico Panetta. The premiere is taking place on June 1st at the historic Cinéma Impérial in Montreal. The best part is that it's free and everyone's invited to attend and enjoy the red carpet experience.

The groundbreaking documentary transcends boundaries and redefines what it means to overcome obstacles when you're raised in a challenging environment. Panetta, who was born and raised in Montreal-North, created this project to inspire and empower young individuals and push them to showcase their potential to achieve greatness. The night begins with the red carpet at 5pm, followed by pictures, cocktails, food, music, and finally the documentary at 6:30pm. Don’t miss a night to remember! Get your FREE tickets here.

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No more juggling between your two-wheeler and metro schedules. As of May 20, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is letting cyclists bring their trusty steeds on board at all times.

Weekdays will see improved access for cyclists, while weekends and holidays will be a full green light for cyclists. Just keep in mind, during a few high-traffic city events, temporary restrictions may apply.

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Montreal is emerging from a successful battle with perhaps its greatest scourge: the pothole. The city is trumpeting a pothole-filling season that saw workers plug a whopping 111,000 cracks, gaps and pits on major thoroughfares — not counting work to fill holes on smaller local streets.

The operation cost $2.5 million this year. That's on top of the $880.6 million the city has earmarked for special road resurfacing efforts meant to better prevent potholes from emerging in the first place.

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It's Victo — erm... National Patriots' Day weekend in Quebec! The unofficial kick-off to a season of barbecues and picnics in the park.

Unlike on other statutory holidays, many institutions will continue to welcome the public on Monday, May 22.

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You could soon say goodbye to pesky potholes spoiling your personal ride because Montreal is making car-sharing easier than ever. The city has teamed up with Communauto to make commuting more efficient and eco-friendly with the addition of 885 new vehicles this year, around 350 of which will be located in "station-zones" dotted around the city.

The pilot project, set to launch in 10 boroughs with the help of the l'Agence de mobilité, will mean 3,700 Communauto vehicles ready for Montrealers to use by the end of 2023.

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A rebate intended to offset the rising cost of groceries will grant eligible single Canadians up to $234 and families up to $467 when it goes out on Wednesday, July 5. Seniors are eligible for up to $225.

The Grocery Rebate is a one-time payment intended for inflation relief, targeting "11 million low- and modest-income Canadians and families who need it most," according to a government press release.

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