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Whether you've already booked your dream vacation in Europe, or you're still considering where to go, it's worth brushing up on the tourist destinations under travel advisory by the Canadian government.

Some have a high risk of terrorist threats, while others are recovering from severe natural disasters. You may need to adjust your plans to stay safe, avoid certain regions, or increase your level of vigilance. In France, for instance, the aftermath of a mass stabbing has escalated security measures to unprecedented levels. Across the Channel, the United Kingdom faces its own set of challenges.

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Is anyone in need of some much-needed vitamin sea?

As the colder months take centre stage across Canada, many of us might already be feeling those winter blues, and following Montreal's first snowstorm of the season, we are growing increasingly eager to swap the snow for sand.

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As the winter season takes centre stage across Canada, you might be looking for things to do in December, and a road trip from Montreal to this small town in Ontario just might be the perfect winter destination.

Eastern Ontario's very own Merrickville showcases its splendour throughout the year, but it truly blossoms during the holiday season.

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As the winter season takes centre stage across Canada, now is the perfect time for a winter road trip from Montreal.

For those looking to get into the holiday spirit, the real-life Hallmark village is only a two-hour road trip from Montreal and offers up everything you'd need for a magical weekend getaway.

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Montreal has much to be proud of after being ranked as one of the best cities in the world to travel to in 2024. Lonely Planet released its annual list of the best cities to travel to and Montreal didn't just make the cut, but it was the only Canadian city to appear on the ranking.

Lonely Planet listed 10 of the most sought-after destinations, which include travel hotspots such as Paris, Jakarta, Nairobi, Prague, Manaus, and of course…Montreal.

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Following a night of violence in Dublin, the Canadian government has updated its travel advice for citizens visiting Ireland. Protests disrupted local services and transport and involved vandalism, arson, and clashes with police.

The travel advisory came ahead of reassurances from Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on November 24 that Dublin remains safe despite the turmoil.

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The top resorts in Canada were recently ranked and one Quebec destination managed to make the cut. Condé Nast Traveler listed the best of the best when it comes to Canadian resorts and a handful of Fairmont locations dominated the ranking — including the Fairmont Tremblant.

Condé Nast Traveler released its annual Top 10 Resorts in Canada where readers voted on their favourite resort destinations across the country during winter and the Fairmont Tremblant in Quebec didn't just make the list but scored second.

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Something icy this way comes. Just two and a half hours south of Montreal, Lake George is shedding its summer skin to reveal a winter wonderland that's part Narnia, part Frozen. It's an icy escapade that's close to home, yet magically far from the ordinary.

Winter Realms, formerly known as Ice Castles, has evolved into a captivating spectacle, promising visitors a unique frosty adventure.

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As winter weaves its frosty web across Canada, many of us dream of escaping to sunnier, sandier shores. However, before you pack your sunscreen, you might want to check the latest travel advisories.

In a move that could rearrange vacation plans and ignite conversations at the dinner table, the Canadian government has issued new safety guidance for popular holiday destinations.

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The top travel destinations for 2024 were ranked and only a select few spots across North America managed to make the cut, Quebec being one of them.

Condé Nast Traveler released its annual list of the Best Places To Visit in 2024 and Quebec wasn't the only Canadian city to make the list, but was, in fact, one of only five North American destinations to earn a spot on the ranking.

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Canada's top hotels have been crowned. The 2023 Travelers' Choice Best of the Best awards from Tripadvisor spotlight the best 25 hotels in the country that provide extraordinary experiences, as recounted in countless glowing reviews by guests themselves. Among this year's selection, Quebec has emerged as a hospitality heavyweight, with nine hotels earning a spot on the prestigious ranking.

It's a resource for those seeking a local getaway, planning to book a memorable stay for a loved one, or simply dreaming of their next luxurious retreat. After all, fewer than one percent of the nearly eight million properties on Tripadvisor can claim the honour.

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Transport Canada has published several car recalls in Canada from manufacturers including Nissan, Toyota, Tesla and Honda to name a few. The recalls are due to several health and safety risks posed to both drivers and passengers of the affected vehicles.

From issues involving faulty seatbelt retractors, airbags and issues with the rearview mirror all the way to steering gearboxes that were not manufactured accurately, the federal department is urging Canadian drivers to verify if their cars are included in the recalls, and is instructing on which steps to take in order to fix the problem(s) concerning the current recall.

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