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If you've been on the hunt for a job with the Government of Canada, there are currently six open spots for candidates in Quebec and across the country. With positions available in several departments including Statistics Canada, Canada Space Agency, and the Canada Revenue Agency, you can score a job and a seriously good salary.

The roles all pay over $100,000 with one position even offering over $200,000!

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Costco Canada is currently hiring all across the country and there are loads of jobs open at both the Marché Central and rue Bridge locations in Montreal.

Positions currently available in Montreal include baker, cake decorator, loss prevention clerk, cashier assistant, sales assistant, marketing road representative and member service assistant, to name a few.

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If you've been looking to land a job with the Government of Canada, then we've got you covered. Statistics Canada is currently looking to hire interviewer positions and all you need is a high school diploma and decent computer skills to be eligible.

The Statistical Survey Operations department is now recruiting candidates across Canada to fill in the role of an SSO interviewer.

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The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is hiring students for a series of co-op jobs for its fall 2023 work term beginning next September.

The CSIS described itself in a tweet as an organization that "helps keep Canada [...] safe from #NationalSecurity threats," so if that sounds appealing, read on.

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If you've been looking to score a job with the Government of Canada, then we've totally got you covered.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is hiring for many roles across Montreal and Quebec, and a few of them pay well over $100,000.

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Have you been looking to score a job with the Government of Canada? Well, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is hiring for a handful of roles across Canada. And the best part? One role in Montreal pays up to $100,000.

The CBSA is looking to fill various roles in trade compliance verification, agents for organization and classification, administrative positions, and CBSA officer trainees in locations across the country.

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Much like the rest of the world, Canada is seeing some of its highest inflation rates in over three decades.

Well, Quebec's economy is seeing similar patterns as the province's inflation rate increased to a dismal 7.5% in May 2022, which is an unwelcome jump from April's 6.8%.

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Costco Canada does everything in bulk, including job hiring. If you've been looking to change career paths and pick up a new role with perks there are around 50 open opportunities with the retailer across the country.

Positions vary from non-customer-facing options, like baker, meat cutter, and cake decorator, to roles on the go, like delivery and truck driver. There are plenty of jobs that only require a high school education and some opportunities don't have any education or skill requirements at all. Students can also get in on the action, with entry-level gigs, like Pharmacy Student and Optical Student

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That Android of yours just might score you up to $5,150 for appearing in a commercial.

GroundGlass Casting is looking for Quebecers to feature in an upcoming television commercial for Google Pixel, and all you really need is to be a Google Pixel user.

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According to a recent survey of MTL Blog readers, 65% (1,530) of 2,351 respondents said that they did not have renters insurance. This means that nearly two thirds of the survey takers are not covered against common risks like theft and fire.

Statistics Canada reported that, in 2019 alone, there were 6,979 incidents of breaking and entering in Montreal. Thousands of people lose valuables and important possessions to burglary each year and, without the right protection, these break-ins can be very costly.

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To be a Desjardins member1 means enjoying many advantages that reflect the financial institution's cooperative model — including dividends. If you're a member, you may have already noticed a deposit in your account from Desjardins.

This amount represents your dividends, which come out of the year-end surplus earnings made by the caisses and Desjardins Group2. These earnings are also used to support local initiatives that improve quality of life for communities.

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