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Your Minimum Credit Card Payment Is About To Increase In Quebec

And it will keep increasing until 2025.

The Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) put out a reminder on Tuesday that the minimum payment on Quebec credit cards is set to jump to 3% of consumers' balance as of August 1 — an increase of 0.5%.

The minimum payment will continue to increase every year until it reaches 5% in 2025. The change is "part of the government's efforts to prevent debt," according to the OPC, measures that came into effect in 2019.

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Quebec Women Enrolled In These University Programs Can Get Up To $12K In Scholarship Money

There are also new scholarships for female CEGEP students studying IT.

Quebec announced new scholarships for women studying tech, as an effort to attract and retain women in fields where they are typically underrepresented, according to a news release from the Office of the Minister of Higher Education. 

All women enrolled in a full-time university program in computer science, computer engineering and construction, and electrical, electronic and communications engineering will be eligible for a $3,000 scholarship each year for up to four years — by the end of their studies, this would total $12,000.

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The Government Announced New Aerospace Jobs In Quebec That Will Pay Over $80,000/Year

There will be 1,000+ new jobs across Canada.

At a press conference on Thursday, Premier François Legault, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several other government representatives announced huge new investments into Canada's aerospace industry. These investments are set to create "more than 1,000" high-paying jobs in Quebec and the rest of Canada. 

"The projects announced today are tangible platforms for creating exciting jobs," Aéro Montréal explained in a press release

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A Report Shows That Canadians Pay The Most For Mobile Data Out Of 44 Countries

Canadian mobile providers make the most money in the world per gigabyte of mobile data.

New data by tefficient, an interpreter of world telecom competitiveness, shows that Canadians pay the most for mobile data out of 44 countries around the world.

While prices for mobility in Canada are the highest in the world, its mobile data usage is among the six lowest countries in the world.

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The Canadian Secret Service Is Hiring Intelligence Officers & Here's What It Takes

You only need a bachelor's degree to apply!

If you've always dreamt of living out a life like that of James Bond, working for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) could be your chance to live out that dream.

CSIS is currently seeking bilingual Canadian citizens for the position of Intelligence Officer, a job based in Ottawa that pays between $71,010 and $102,250 per year and could involve travel.

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A Casting Company Wants Montreal Anglos For A Sandwich Commercial & You Could Make $2K

You don't even need acting experience!

Do you like ordering sandwiches at fast-food restaurants? Then sink your teeth into this fresh gig. Groundglass Casting is looking for Montreal Anglophones aged 18 to 75 years old for a sandwich commercial — no acting experience required.

Though you don't need to be a professional actor, the company is looking for outgoing Montrealers who are regulars at a sandwich restaurant in Montreal. Only Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada can apply.

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