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Boucherie Slovenia, a boulevard Saint-Laurent institution for 50 years, will soon serve its last spicy sausage.

The iconic home of enormous Eastern European-style sandwiches — Slovenian sausage and towering cold-cuts were staples — will close its doors forever on January 29, said the owners, Lourdes Rodrigues and Jean Teixeira, in a Facebook post.

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When I discovered Mitch Deli in Rosemont-La Petite Prairie and the fried calamari burger, I thought my prayers had been answered.

My two favourite foods, burgers and fried calamari, combined into one magical sandwich. 

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A Montreal deli was found guilty of violating Quebec's language laws according to the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF). Deli 365 was fined $1,500 by the OQLF due to "an offence under section 58 of the Charter of the French Language," according to a statement.

The offence was first noted on May 22, 2019. 

Editor's Choice: Halloween Is Officially Allowed In Quebec... But Really Only For Children

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The best places to eat in Montreal are perfectly imperfect. They might have mismatched or wobbly tables set-up too close to the kitchen. They might have greasy menus (and cutlery), busy servers who try to hurry you along, and kitschy interiors. But it’s all part of the experience — and the best part about many of these places is you can eat well for cheap.  

Boulevard Décarie is the absolute definition of perfectly imperfect.  

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Montreal is famous for a few things: our culture, our rich history, and our bagels and smoked meat sandwiches. Luckily we also have plenty of amazing Jewish delis that serve these tasty treats, and then some! I mean, you can never get enough latkes and matzoh ball soup.

Here some of the best delicatessens that serve Montreal's famous Jewish deli-style foods.

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When it’s 5 AM and you’re looking for a place to grab a bite in the West Island, there aren’t very many options. Sure, you can find the odd 24 hour fast food joint here and there, but even when you’re in the sort of frame of mind which makes chowing down on a burger as the sun’s about to rise seem like a reasonable idea, McDonald’s probably won’t be your first choice. Luckily, as anyone who’s spent a significant amount of time in the West Island knows, there’s a much better option for food that’s available 24/7: Chenoy’s Deli.

If you’re not a West Islander, you can certainly be forgiven for never having heard of Chenoy’s. Despite being just thirty minutes from Downtown Montreal by car, much about the area remains a mystery to many folks who don’t live there, and late-night food spots don’t tend to be primary tourist destinations. Being from the Plateau, I’d never had much interaction with the West Island, and I wanted to understand more about what it’s like to live in the area. Given my past journalistic expeditions, I decided to approach learning about the West in a way which best befit my, um, research methods: by spending an entire night at Chenoy’s.

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