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Drones are a pretty fantastic gadget. But they're so much more than just creepy devices you can use to spy on your neighbors.

They allow photographers to get some pretty serious shots. They can go places we can't, and they can deliver packages.

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@cavortair recently reached out to us out of the blue with his newest video of Montreal. Well, out of the blue it was and what it did was BLOW our minds apart. The use of drone to film Montreal was, well breathtaking to say the least. We feel as if it could very well be the best use of drone to film the city to date. Take a look, absorb the amazing and share it with someone who loves the city as much as we do.

Photo cred - Pascal F1

Another fine Montreal drone owner has taken time out of his busy day of spying on his neighbors to bring you some amazing areal shots of Montreal. Pascal F1 is a video editor, event stager and drone pilot who got some amazing footage of families enjoying the say sledding on Mount royal, Montrealers skating in the old port as well as a bird's eye view of several streets and buildings. Time to see Montreal from a whole new angle.

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Drones have become pretty popular in recent years and it seems that some drone owners are using their flying cameras for more that just spying on their neighbors while they're changing. A drone aficionado (or is it enthusiast? ... oh well, who cares) called Michael James Murray has taken his DJI Phantom drone and mounted a GoPro on top so that he could do a quick fly-by over a snowy Montreal. The video was posted to Vimeo and some of the shots he captured are simply beautiful.


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Pictured above Farines Five Roses

Montreal Instagram user @airmontreal has been capturing new perspectives of Montreal's beloved and iconic landmarks with the use of a drone.

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Concept images for ticket drones in the city of Montreal have been released.

If these robots roll (or float) out, you won't be able to charm or persuade your way out of a ticket, as emotionless machines will be making sure you follow all of the city's strange parking rules.

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