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You've likely accumulated lots of odds and ends over the years and now you're not quite sure what to do with them. That drawer full of Canadian Tire money or shelf of vintage toys may seem like clutter just taking up space in your home, but with the right research and evaluation, you may be surprised to find out that your quirky collections hold hidden value.

So, dust off those old keepsakes and don't toss them just yet. Here are seven ways to figure out if you can turn your junk into cash:

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Confession time, guys: before a few months ago, I had never been to a real life Habs game. I mean, my dad took me once when I was a kid, but I couldn't drink beer so it doesn't really count.

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This morning I stumbled upon a weird website subscription in my inbox that I never subscribed to titled Things I Find In The Garbage. It got me so curious, I had to click on the link. As soon as the website popped up, I was mind blown.

Meet Montreal's "professional scavenger and entrepreneur". He makes a living by selling... wait for it... garbage! He digs through stuff other people choose to throw out and then sells it on eBay and Kijiji. Genius! Some of his finds are so cool, I just had to share this story.

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Many people consider themselves the biggest Star Wars fans. But how about putting up the funds for a life size AT-ST walker? Well for the low price of just over $13,000, you can have one of the biggest Star Wars collectibles in the world!

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