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Listen up, Quebec ginger ale drinkers — you could be owed money and not even know it!  

If you bought five or more Canada Dry Ginger Ale soft drinks in Quebec between January 14, 2016 and November 11, 2020, you're likely eligible for up to $7.50 as compensation for a proposed class-action lawsuit settlement. 

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My colleague, Miranda, wrote an article recently about why "redheads are actually the best". I have to say, her post was quite convincing and it inspired me to compile a list of most gorgeous representatives of this unique and rare group of human beings.

Redheads make up for only 2% of world population. This is a crazy low number that definitely makes them quite special and fascinating. So here are Montreal's most beautiful redheads:

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Photo cred - Steve Gerrard Photography

After his amazing Grammy's performance of "Thinking Out Loud" Ed Sheeran has dropped the dates of his North American tour.

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Photo cred -  thepaleofix

As winter approaches we are constantly looking for ways to get toasty and warm. We layer up on socks, out-wear the warmest sweater we own, and will never leave the house without our MTLBlog toque.

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Steve Rosenfield is a photographer that created the photo series "What I Be Project" where he exposes peoples dark insecurities.

He chose to invite his subjects to show the world their insecurities by simply writing what ever it is on their bodies. He then proceeded to capture them on camera which was done to empower and inspire them as well as create awareness on a larger scale.

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