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home sale montreal

Looking for a home to buy? Considering home prices in Montreal have jumped, it's certainly no easy feat to find a Montreal home for sale for under $400,000.

Thankfully there are a few gems across the 514 that offer up affordable single-family homes and there's one for sale right now through duProprio in Montreal-North.

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Looking for a home in Montreal but can't seem to find something at an affordable price? Well, this semi-detached single-family home might be what you've been searching for. Located in Montreal-Est, this 2,800 square foot house is one of very few homes for sale in Montreal for less than $400,000.

This three-bedroom and two-bathroom property comes in at $390,000, which is rarely seen on the Island of Montreal — making it the perfect space for a family with kids, a couple, or anyone looking for a rental property.

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