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In a meeting on December 9, 2020, the Montreal City Council voted down an amendment that would have funded body cameras for Montreal police officers. The defeat of the proposal — by a vote of 34 to 27 — was just the latest turn of events in the years-long, zigzagging effort to make the cameras part of the SPVM uniform.

Now, in the wake of the wrongful arrest of Mamadi Camara, supporters of the measure have once again renewed calls for additional police accountability. Here's a complete history of the political evolution of the proposal, and where it could go from here.

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When it comes time to consider buying a property - what do you look for in a good real estate broker? Fast, reliable, professional, and result-oriented are typically the qualities current or new homebuyers seek above all else.

That's probably why Patrice Groleau and wife Debby Doktorczyk have been so successful in their real estate ventures - they go above and beyond to provide the ultimate customer service to all their clients/at all times.

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Photo cred - CARBONLEO

You might be inclined to consider Montreal a dying breed, but it appears it's all just a matter of time before this city reclaims some of the legendary lustre its been so lacking in recent years. With the Hotel Mount Stephen getting a swanky makeover already in the works, as well as the massive Tour des Canadiens project being erected next to the Bell Centre, the downtown core is set to have yet another luxury building added to its skyline.

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Photo cred - kellergraham

Ever have a weird ticket issue with the STM? You know, a machine doesn't read your card, or issue your ticket, or your OPUS refuses to function in the slightest? Yeah, so have we. Thankfully, a huge investment by the STM will be fixing all those ticket issues, reports Journal Metro.

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