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It's October — the month of Thanksgiving and fall fun and Halloween — but it definitely doesn't feel like it with regions of Quebec back in lockdown. Times are tough and there's not much to do, but that means it's the perfect month for a chill binge-watching sesh... with a spooky season touch, of course.

We've rounded up a list of some of the oldest, weirdest, creepiest and most obscure movies filmed in Montreal that you can watch to pass the time while Montreal's in 'red alert.'

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People around the world are dealing with the recent Paris attacks in their own way, remembering not only those who were lost in France, but also Beirut and Kenya to name a few. While we collectively try and figure out how to move forward from here, many cities have lit up their buildings with the colours of France as a sign of solidarity. Montreal showing its own support, has done the same. Check out our own landmarks lit up around the city below.

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Upon one of my many, many internet patrol sessions, I came across an article that nominated the top 6 places that would make awesome supervillain lairs. Number 3 on the list was none other than Habitat '67 in Montreal. Then it got me thinking, Habitat 67 isn't even the most evil looking place here. There are plenty of places in the city that would make better lairs. So here are the 8 Montreal places that would be awesome supervillain lairs.

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Burping is so hot right now. Maybe you don't think so, and that's understandable. You just haven't watched the video below, where one woman's mission is to make her mark all over Montreal in the most charming fashion: by burping.

Created by Montreal filmaker/You Tuber Fred B, the video is titled "Hot Girl Burps All Over Montreal," which pretty much sums up the premise. Hitting up all of Montreal's major landmarks and hot spots, the short video is a hilarious tour of Montreal, with plenty of burping added in for good measure.

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We already featured Montreal's most iconic symbols and buildings, but we've been outdone. Chris Soueidan, founder of Loogart, an illustration and design company based right here in Montreal, has remade Montreal's most famous landmarks into a crisp and stunning cartoon-ish skyline.

If you want a physical version of this beautiful Montreal creation, you're in luck. Loogart will be collaborating with, the first community-based crowd funding site specific to Montreal. Monhood will be making prints and clothes of Loogart works, with 10% of all sales going to charities in Montreal.  Check out Monhood's line and look forward to Loogart's work available soon!

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