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A new player is entering the marijuana industry in Canada, and the company is quickly becoming a top contender for the role of the nation's largest purveyor of cannabis and cannabis-related products. Coming way out of left field, the company in question is Pharmaprix, Canada's largest retail pharmacy chain.

Better known as Shoppers Drug Mart Corp, the incredibly popular pharmacy/one-stop-shop store is said to have already had meetings with some of the largest medical-marijuana growers in the nation, according to sources cited by the Globe and Mail.

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Cannabis Camembert? Yes, Cannabis Camembert.Munchies headed to San Francisco to meet and eat some cannabis Camembert made by THCheese which is a gourmet food purveyor. At the same time they explore how to properly pair wine, weed, and other fancy edibles. Very neat stuff we gotta say.

Well it looks like Justin Trudeau is the sanest politician in Canada. According to CTV, the liberal party leader promised to legalize marijuana immediately if he is elected. Unlike Tom Mulcair who is still pussyfooting (love that expression) around with the idea of decriminalization.

Not only is Trudeau appealing to people who normally don't give a shit about politics, but he's making a move that frankly should have been done years ago.

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The Quebec government needs to do something about its finances. Ideas have ranged from liberal politician Lucienne Robillard’s proposal to cut $3.2 billion in spending to the pilot project keeping bars open until 6 am (which I’ll be writing on more extensively later in the week), but nothing has been successful thus far.

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