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macaulay culkin

An all new web series called :DRYVRS, in which Macaulay Culkin Plays Kevin McCallister again who is dealing with a lot of lingering psychological issues he was dealt as a kid.

It starts off harmless then gets dark in a hurry but always with a tone of humor. All-in all we are just excited to see what Kevin is up to 20+ years after Home Alone 2.

Photo cred - stereogum

Fans of everyone's favourite child star turned kinda crackhead looking musician, otherwise known as Macaulay Culkin, will want to save the date of October 28th, as Culkin will be back in Montreal and performing at Le Belmont with his comedy-rock band The Pizza Underground.

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Photo Cred - Vivian Gaumond for Piknic Électonik

"Yo! We'll tell you what you want, what you really really want!" Montreal, you want to party! There is a lot going on this week-end, summer is at its prime and we will not let you stay in to look at your TV. Only if it's to watch the FIFA World Cup Final. Even then, why watch it at home when you can watch it a bar? We got love for you party people so once more, we will tell you the hot spots in the city this week-end, you only have to show up! Here they are;

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Maybe the most famous child actor of all time, Macaulay Culkin, will be coming to Montreal this summer in Montreal, but not for a movie premiere or anything like that.

Culkin will be performing, just musically, as part of his band's The Pizza Underground's Montreal show on Saturday, Jul 12th at Il Motore. Get tickets here.

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