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michael jackson

No one likes it one when someone makes a huge scene on the metro. A couple fighting, a random rant, a plea for money, none of the above are all that welcome when you want to just sit quietly and not be bothered when riding the metro, but how would you feel about a impromptu Michael Jackson dance performance?

That's pretty much what happened to the Montrealers featured in the video below, who were treated to a boogie-session by André Lévesque, the infamous evangelical metro-dancer. Always sporting a JC shirt (and sometimes a giant cross), Lévesque dances to spread the good word of G to the O-D, while similuantesly enterning all onlookers.

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Photo cred - 25Stanley

As Halloween draws near, everyone is getting ready to celebrate with crazy costumes and even crazier parties. The Montreal Canadiens decided to do the monster mash a bit early, having their own Halloween party at Flyfin in the Old Port last night, with some players going all out with some pretty epic and spooky transformation, especially P.K. Subban.

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There needs to be more MJ in every metro station. Thankfully, one man has taken the iniative and brought the king of pop to Atwater station, along with some sweet dance moves.

Right as the green line pulls up to Atwater station, one Montrealer, all decked out in white, starts tearing up the metro car floor and working it to MJ's classic "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough."

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Food is an artform, and no one else proves that more than mother Samantha Lee. Starting off creating food-designs to please her two daughters, Lee eventually upped her game and began making more intricate edible images. Taking to social media, Lee gained over 300, 000 followers on Instagram for her cute, and spot on, recreations of pop culture icons. From Snoopy to Michael Jacskon, between Mickey Mouse and Lady Gaga, Lee is seemingly able to remake anyone in food form. Feast your eyes on the images below to see just what this stay at home mom can do.

First there was Daft Punk`s 'Get Lucky' redone with Mario Paint, now we enter the world of Michael Jackson`s 'Thriller' music video recreated all with the use of LEGO and many many man hours put in. Annette Jung from 'Talking Animals' is behind this plastic fantastic masterpiece. Take a look for yourself.