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vegan brunch

Montreal is home to some seriously amazing brunch spots. We really make brunch into it's own culture around here. People live for the weekends just so they can go out for a cute brunch with their friends, eat awesome food, and take Instagram pics of their stylish meal. 

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Photo cred - pablocomotion

Montreal has a serious brunch scene, and while most people think a late-afternoon breakfast needs to feature bacon and eggs, well they'd be very wrong. You don't need meat, or any animal by-products, to have a good brunch. The vegans reading know what I'm saying, and any of the skeptics can read on and find out just how needless meat, cheese, and eggs are for a delicious brunch experience. All vegans, please just take a gander and jot down spots you haven't been to yet, as Montreal has more than a few vegan brunch spots.

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