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Today, we received a Snap from one of our fans on Snapchat, Adam Boucher, asking us"You guys should make a top 10 bars to go when you turn 18, cause well im turning 18 this month and idk where to go lmao".

We decided to go ahead and do it because well, Montreal has the best nightlife in North America, no questions asked. When it comes to bars or concert & event venues our city is just full of beautiful hidden treasures.

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A celebrity spotting flew under the radar during Grand Prix weekend. We all know the cast of X-men is in town and apparently they're planning on staying longer than expected. They even cancelled their hotel reservations and instead rented out some luxury apartments for their extended stay.

Jennifer Lawrence seems to be enjoying her stay here. She's been spotted  at Velvet-Auberge-St-Gabriel having ... somewhat of a good time. I don't know, it's hard to tell with that face she's making. She has the same look as I make when I lose my phone. Kinda half panicked and not really sure what to do with my hands.

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These red velvet brownies are such a feast for the eyes, you'll forget they taste exactly the same as regular old brownies. Hate to beak it to y'all, but red velvet isn't a particular kind of cake or flavor, its juts another way of saying: "look, I added a whole bunch of food coloring to this." So yeah red velvet just means red colored, but when your desserts look this damn good I only have one question: Who the hell cares?

Nothing is going to stop us from enjoying these red velvet brownies, though. Regular brownies can get a little boring after a while, but these bad boys look like they came right out of a dream. So dream on Montreal, dream on.

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Photo cred - twopeasandtheirpod

Brace yourselves dessert lovers because we may have just found the world's greatest cookie. This cookie combines all the best dessert components into the most flawlessly delicious combinations: White Chocolate Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies.

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Prepare your mouths for one of the greatest food combinations ever created. While perusing through The Vulgar Chef's amazing collection of recipes, we came across the most sumptuous looking cheesecake we've ever seen.

But this isn't your regular old boring cheesecake, this model of perfection has been combined with Oreos and ... (wait for it) red velvet cake.

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Photo cred - Karel Chladek

It's definitely easier to seal the deal while your on vacation.

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Photo Cred- Piknic Électronik

Guess who's back? Back again. Mr.Weekend is back, tell a friend! Montreal, it's beautiful outside, it's the weekend and you want to party. We are right where we wanted to be and that is the prime time of the summer. You certainly do not want to stay indoors with the amazing weather we are having. One more time, we gathered right here, right now, all the best places to hit up this weekend. Here it is, Montreal;

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Photo cred - Mazda Alinia

Any and everyone should already be well aware that last call has been extended in Montreal until 6am, starting June 12th and running 'til July 5th.

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Photo cred - Johnny Martin

Things are definitely heating up this weekend in Montreal as the Quebec election day approaches! You may not think of politics but politics thinks of you dudes. So, don't just complain. Make use of those rights and make a difference. Vote on April 7th! But first... #LetUsHaveACelebration. I mean, this COULD be the last weekend we party in a unified Quebec/Canada after all or the beggining of big changes. We should definitely celebrate to this - it's only right! Yeah, you guys should all know by now, any reason is a good reason to party in this amazing city. Also, things are literally heating up this weekend. Slowly but surely, the temperature is rising before us. We're looking at 6°C Friday and 8°C Saturday... and it's only getting better next week! So, get out there and let loose Montreal, you deserve it. Y'know, we've got you covered on what to do:

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