Opinion Content FAQ

MTL Blog publishes Opinion content as part of our ongoing, not-so-secret plot to take over Montreal’s digital media landscape. We believe putting Gen Z and Millennial voices front and center is a crucial way to connect with our city, and we’re excited to deliver fascinating, authentically diverse stories to Montrealers.

Why Does MTL Blog Publish Opinion Content?

We want to be the primary source for news and views that amplify the lives, loves, concerns and discussions that are most important to our Gen Z and Millennial readers. We recognize that authenticity is key, and the best way to allow our diverse readership to have a voice is to actually give them a platform to be heard. We’re opening MTL Blog up to the lived experiences of smart, cosmopolitan writers, both within and outside of our company. You can expect to live vicariously through the first-person narratives of MTL Blog staff as well as talented freelance writers with something important to say.

What Is Opinion Content?

This content should fall within the following 3 categories: Reviews, Opinions, and Personal Essays.


Reviews are first-person photo essays that provide a service to readers by giving them an honest look at what a place, activity, experience, or product is really like based on personal experience.


Opinion pieces argue a specific viewpoint based on facts & solid evidence rather than personal experience. Pieces need to have an introduction, an analysis of both sides of the argument, and a conclusion backing up the viewpoint.

Personal Essay

Personal Essays should focus on lived first-person experiences. Here, the writer can share their own personal journey with something that might be relatable to MTL Blog’s audience.

All content is expected to meet Narcity Media’s Editorial Standards.

Who Can Pitch?

We’re open to receiving pitches from freelancers and in-house staff, and we welcome work from all members of our community, including writers from equity-deserving backgrounds. If you have a big idea or a worthwhile experience to share, we want to hear about it!

How Do I Pitch My Opinion, Essay Or Review?

If we’ve gotten you excited enough to pitch us your piece, that’s great! We look forward to reading clearly worded, original and current essay ideas that keep MTL Blog’s style and tone in mind, while fitting within the scope of our News, Travel, Eat & Drink, Sports, Things To Do, Real Estate, People, Money, & Entertainmentcoverage.

You can submit your pitch for Opinion content to pitches@narcitymedia.com with a subject line that summarizes the category of your submission (Review, Opinion, or Personal Essay) and your chosen headline.

What Happens After My Pitch Is Accepted?

If we love your pitch, our Editors will be in touch with you to discuss an agreed upon word count, deadline, compensation for your work, and to share our Style Guide which will help you put your best foot forward.

When pitching or submitting a story, you must ensure it meets MTL Blog's Editorial Standards.

Does MTL Blog Pay Contributors?

Of course! We compensate all freelance writers for all submitted pieces. Rates will be agreed upon when a pitch is accepted. Currently, our rates are typically between $100-$200 depending on the length and type of article.