Responsible Travel Guidelines

Narcity Media's mission is to inform and entertain millennials with meaningful local stories about their community — because they live in the most interesting place in the world. Our content team is constantly striving to uncover magical spots that locals and visitors alike would enjoy.

That's because Narcity is your digital downtown. Every single day, you can discover what's new, what's now, and what's next, and the tools you need to explore the places, people, and passions that power your city.

To ensure that you have the best experience while exploring your Narcity and that the environment and local communities stay protected, we created these four responsible travel guidelines that will help you preserve these fascinating places for the next visitor.

1. Be informed.

Information found on Narcity Media websites will not always be up to date and cannot necessarily be relied upon. While our journalists strive to independently verify all information in our stories, establishments are constantly modifying their policies and opening hours, and businesses or natural sites sometimes close down for reasons outside of Narcity Media's control. We recommend always contacting a place prior to your visit to make sure that you can enjoy the full experience.

2. Be safe.

Narcity Media editors and writers use common sense when reporting — our stories are wonderful introductions to an adventure. We trust our readers to use their best judgment to understand which behaviour is safe when visiting a place. For example, climbing waterfalls or jumping from cliffs is not responsible. We recommend avoiding all actions that could potentially hurt yourself, others, or the environment even when it would make a beautiful photo.

3. Be smart.

At Narcity Media, we love turquoise rivers and secluded islands. However, these outdoor places are subject to environmental changes. The water quality may not always be safe to swim in — even when it looks as blue as the sky — and strong winds can create unpredictable waves. Before going on a water adventure, we recommend contacting local authorities, getting informed about the weather, and wearing a life jacket, even if you're a good swimmer. Your backdoor pool is not the same as a swimming hole. Visitors to locations are responsible for their own behaviour and assume all risks.

4. Be respectful.

The Narcity Media team thinks the local experience is always the best experience when done right. When exploring a location, from new trendy restaurants to romantic small towns, be nice with other visitors, respect local communities' values, and act responsibly like you would on your own street. Put your waste in the garbage, or keep it with you to throw away later if there are no receptacles on site. Respect the rules stated by the staff and visit the place's website beforehand to get informed. We recommend avoiding private properties, crowded locations to ensure the environment stays protected, and never touching natural habitats or animals.

You can find more information about our mission and our editorial standards on our websites. We hope you'll enjoy your trip!