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You're well into your twenties, you've finished your undergrad, and you're all ready to move into the next stage of life. Well, at least your parents are ready, as they constantly ask you questions like "what are you going to do now" or variations on similar inquiries you simply can't answer without having a panic attack.

What you really want to do is continue your responsibility-free existence as a twenty-nothing forever. Unhindered with the stresses of a job that forces you to work long hours, and surrounded with peeps who have the same (and can thus party with you on a Wednesday), not being an adult is pretty sweet.

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Montreal is definitely a "Peter Pan" type of city. For those who don't get the Disney reference, the basic idea is that Montrealers stave off adulthood far longer than most. Some lucky folks never give in, and always maintain a student-esque, young adult-ish lifestyle.

Others aren't so lucky.

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Adulthood comes with a lot of unforeseen expenses. As kids, we think making $50, 000 a year will have us rolling in the dough, buying bottles, and taking trips everywhere.

In Quebec, that isn't a reality for everyone.

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