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best montreal bike paths

It's no secret that biking is huge in Montreal, but want to know what would make 2-wheel transportation even more popular? Flowers. That's right, friends, flowers.

Thanks to Wearable Planter, you can now cycle around the city with a beautiful vase of flowers straight-up attached to your bike. These adorable little creations are handmade with 3D-printed materials, and will totally add an awesome flair to your favourite bicycle this summer!

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How do you know summer is nearly here in Montreal? No, not birds chirping, sunshine, or any of that nonsense. You can tell summer is all but here when you see Bixi bikes back on the street, and we don't have to wait long.

Announced yesterday, Bixi will officially begin its summer 2016 season on April 15th, with the setup of stations along the streets on to begin on March 24th, notes CTV.

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