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As I was scanning through Kijiji this morning, I found a bunch of cutie pie animals waiting to find a loving home. I specifically wrote the word "adopt" in the title, even though there are certain fees attached to welcoming these furry friends inside your households... because you don't just buy an animal, you adopt them. You become their parent. It's a huge responsibility so, please, don't make any impulsive decisions unless you feel 100% ready for the commitment.

Now, take a deep breath and try not to break down in tears because what you're about to see is beyond any acceptable levels of cuteness. Too freaking much!

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Do you watch Netflix together with your significant other? I have great news for you! Congratulations, your relationship is going well and you have a bright future ahead. Going out on dates, parties and social gatherings is seriously overrated. Real love is spending time together in the privacy of your home. If you enjoy being alone with your bae without catching major FOMO mode, then you’re definitely on the right track. Nothing proves that the two of you are in love more than being in that comfort zone of movies, pizza and cuddles. So here’s why couples who Netflix together stay together.

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