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I'll get straight to the point here - Montreal guys have forgotten what it is to be a gentleman. I'm not going to generalize and say ALL Montreal men lack basic etiquette and chivalry, but from my experience, most guys do seem to forget these two things.

I'm going to run you through a couple of scenarios that will most probably sound very familiar.

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Photo cred - Andre Rivest

As the #4 best dating city in the world, Montreal is needless to say, a great place to date. With lots of beautiful people to choose from, bars that are open late, intimate venues of all kinds, and an all-round healthy appreciation for romance, this city has all the ingredients to make the dating scene dynamic and varied enough to suit everyone's tastes. But dating a Montrealer can be complicated if you don't understand the playing field.

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Do you like Chinese food? Of course you do. But picture this: sitting down in your favourite Chinese spot ready to smash on some awesome chow mein or braised pork belly and mustard greens, and you serve yourself, stick your chopsticks upright in your bowl of soy sauce laden white rice and the place screeches to a halt. Like any other culture, there are certain customs and etiquette that one must – at least should – recognize before you bring shame to your house for three generations and face is lost. Here is your definitive guide to DOs and DON’Ts in a Chinese restaurant.

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There's all this talk about how a server needs to act to provide good service and get a good tip, etc. What about the other end of it, though? Servers get treated shittily, constantly, because restaurant etiquette is so often overlooked. The customer-server relationship is a two-way street, and you gotta give a little to get a little.

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