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fast food montreal

I decided to compare the McDonald's McWrap to the crispy chicken wrap on the Tim Hortons menu and it's safe to say that one fast food restaurant certainly knows a thing or two more about wrap making than the other.

Now, burgers , subs and sandwiches totally get the job done whenever you're craving a loaded fast-food bite but wraps are where the real foodie feast is at. From the golden-brown, well-seasoned chicken, and crisp bacon strips all the way to the generous amount of ranch dressing all snuggly wrapped in a warm and lightly toasted tortilla — fast-food wraps hit every. single. time.

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First Taco Bell , and now Pizza Hut. Once again, Quebec has been cut out of a scrumptious fast food option from a chain that operates on both sides of the border.

Pizza Hut announced on January 11 that it has decided to bring back the "Big New Yorker," a pie of epic proportions that last graced pie lovers' plates in the late '90s. But, for now, the 16-incher is only available in the U.S. — sorry, Canada.

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The next evolution in burgers has been made: a meaty patty in between a bun made entirely out of french fries. No longer must you pair the two seperatly, thanks to Dude Foods you can enjoy a burger and fries in a single beautiful bite. Even better, you can make this fast food fusion in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Using edible glue (it's a thing, trust) you can basically stick together solo french fries into a bun big enough for a beef patty and all the other additions. Throw on some veggies, condiments, and cheese and you've got the French Fry Bun Burger! Take a look at the awesomness below.

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McDonalds just levelled up in class. Breaking free from the mold of fast food, and the assumed low quality which comes with the food-genre, McDonalds has released the Quarter Pound Jewlery Series to its Japanese market. Wrapped up in sleek minimalist packaging, and not the traditional brown paper bag, the burgers look to be something ordered from a luxury burger boutique rather than a run of the mills McDonalds.

Priced at 1,000 yen (about ten dollars Canadian ), not including fries or drink, these new burgers don't try to pull the 'affordable but tastes expensive' card. You do get what you pay for as the Quarter Pounder Jewelry burgers are decked out with a few ritzy additions.

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Canada isn't privy to some of the greasy delights available to our American neighbors to the south. Adding insult to injury, Quebec as a province also lacks some of the other fast food chains found in the rest of Canada. Well MTL Blog is voicing its woes. Here are five fast food chains that better make their way to Montreal and add to our collective waistline.

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