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girls night

Canada is a pretty amazing place featuring a rich mix of cultures from around the world. And when these people move here, they bring a little bit of their home country with them. 

That's why you can find amazing places where you feel like you've been magically transported to another world. 

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There are a variety of lovely restaurants in Montreal that are 514% perfect for specific occasions. So, instead of trying to think of the perfect birthday restaurant or a great place for a first date, just follow the pages below!

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It's Tuesday, and you know what that means. #Joverse

Or maybe some of you actually work on Wednesday mornings, so you keep the fun for the weekend. Fair enough, luckily for me (and my best friend) we have Wednesdays off, which means we get the party started early on during the week.

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Remember that amazing night out with your girlfriends? You know the one where you drank too much, danced the night away, laughed so hard you got abs as you screamed "I can't!", and you still can't remember what you ordered at McDonald's? Yeah, that night was awesome but planning it was...hell.

As we all know, some of the best nights take for-freaking-ever to plan. And if you're more than five people, its like pulling teeth. There are many aspects to consider and problems to face when coming to an agreement, especially for us girls. Here are the ten struggles we face before planning a night out.

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