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Photo cred - Bianca DesJardins

Montreal, you are getting colder but we still love you. People, don't get discouraged. This city might be getting cold on the outside but on the inside Montrealers are very very warm. The week end is here and the summer being gone is not a reason not to go out and party. Week ends are like little vacations and you certainly do party while on vacation. Here are our suggestions for this week end;

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Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

Easter weekend woo, Bal En Blanc woo! Big things going on in Montreal this weekend guys. For you students, you've reached the light at the end of the tunnel... It's time to party like you deserve to after all that hard work! And for those who work that full time job, on the grind and what not - take some time off to enjoy yourselves. As usual, MTL Blog's got the spots for you:

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The second weekend of Igloofest is here already! Like always, there's always so much going on in this city. After a cold night at Igloofest, there's no better way to celebrate and warm up with a few after parties. And if you don't plan on going to Igloofest this weekend, hitting up at least one of these parties is a definite must!

Thursday, Jan. 23rd

As always, After Ski Thursdays will be bumping at L'Ecurie. View event>

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Photo cred - Adrian Villagomez

Two of Montreal's most fun hip-hop events, Get Nice & Hip-Hop Karaoke, are joining forces to bring you a NYE party of epic energy. On Tuesday January 31st get your body to Bilzzarts, where Get Nice and HHK present a NYE Special Celebration. The freshest beats and top shelf rap will be spun on all night long by DJ Simahlak, free champagne popped at midnight, and an awesome and welcoming atmosphere will make Get Nice and HHK's NYE Celebration a night to remember, and all for the very affordable price of $10.

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After its month long hiatus, Hip Hop Karaoke is back by popular demand. On Thursday night, join us at Le Belmont to celebrate Hip Hop Karaoke's one year anniversary! If you've never been to an HHK event, you're missing out! The event, which first originated in New York, provides Montrealers with a chance to participate in a truly unique cultural experience.

Every month, HHK invites Montrealers to get on stage and pay respect to their favorite rap icons by performing their most popular tracks in a karaoke setting, except lyrics are prohibited!

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