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When you hear the words "self-care," what do you think of? For many, the practice is synonymous with working out, eating well, yoga and meditation. But what about a regular sleep schedule?

With the ongoing worry of a global pandemic, the strain of working from home and the fallout from a chaotic year in general, it's more important now than ever to prioritize sleep as a key pillar of health and wellbeing. A good night's sleep is important because, just like your overworked smartphone and laptop, your body needs to recharge in order to operate.

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From finding an oral drug to treat COVID-19 to discovering a new way to detect Alzheimer's disease, Quebec researchers have been making impressive strides lately.

Now, local scientists have achieved another "breakthrough" — this time, to help treat people living with HIV

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Getting a tattoo may change your look on the outside, but did you know that it can also change you on the inside? 

It turns out that there are some benefits to getting tattoos (Other than looking cool AF, of course.)

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Photo cred - twitter

On today's edition of Tough vs Crazy we spotted this picture on Twitter of a Montrealer who has decided not to wait for the weather to warm up to start wearing what she wants. We're going to assume she's wearing shorts under there and that she didn't just forget to put pants on this morning.

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