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Drivers, prepare yourselves to swim in yet another sea of orange cones and road closures in Montreal this weekend. The Quebec Ministry of Transport has announced that the city's Turcot Interchange will have even more traffic closures this weekend. Drivers are in for another few days of headaches but hey, unlike the traffic, at least the Turcot project is moving along, right? 

The Ministry said that "major obstacles will be put in place in the area of ​​the Turcot and Saint-Pierre interchanges during the weekend of September 11, including Complete closure of Route 136 (A-720)/Autoroute 20 westbound between the Ville-Marie tunnel and the Saint-Pierre interchange." 

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Back in July some construction workers discovered the remains of an 18th century villagewhile doing some work under the Turcot Interchange. Well now, according to CBC, the remains will not be preserved.

Transport Quebec made the announcement last night that the village known back then as St-Henri-des-Tanneries will be completely destroyed so that the construction project could continue uninterrupted.

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