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irish day

Photo cred - sebastien.barre

As you probably already know, the Irish will honour their patron saint tomorrow, and while Montrealers love to celebrate this jovial holiday here by throwing the longest running parade in North America, and hitting up any number of bars to make merry with our friends, there are probably quite a few facts you never knew about St-Patrick's Day itself.

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Photo cred - Montreal's 192nd St Patrick's Parade

Apart from March bringing us warmer weather, longer days and the first official day of spring, the highlight of the entire month has got to be the St-Patrick's Day. And Montreal celebrates ye ole Irish Day like nowhere else, by throwing its annual parade, making merry in the streets and pretty much hosting the biggest block party this side of Dublin.

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Photo cred - Mckibbin's

The day we have all been waiting for is fast approaching. While many of us plan to simply roll with the wind on St. Patrick's day and follow the crowd, creating a solid destination plan might be slightly more useful. Sure, you'll hit up the parade, but before that, we suggest you check out some of Montreal's best bars that are going to be celebration the Irish holiday with a bang!

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St. Paddy's Day (otherwise known as Irish Day in the MTL Blog office) is less than a week away, and we all know what that means: Irish-level all-day drunkage. And by "all" I mean all, as even the SPVM are well aware the whole city is gonna get shwasted.

To make sure everyone knows all the details about St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and no one dies, the SPVM released a very helpful Saint Patrick's Day 2014 Survival Guide. More than just a rant of how to stay sober, the guide actually has some legit bits of info. Here's the rundown:

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