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jazz festival

The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (FIJM; Montreal Jazz Festival) has released its 2023 lineup. Attendees can expect a 10-day extravaganza "jam packed with gems" says festival programming director Maurin Auxéméry.

"It sounds cliché in the festival world, but it's worth saying because it's so true: we are incredibly proud to present a truly balanced program," he said in a press release.

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This past Tuesday, lots of Montrealers were up in arms at the shooting of 58-year old Pierre Coriolan. He lived on his own in a subsidized housing unit in the Gay Village when SPVM answered a call indicating that he was trashing his apartment and breaking windows. It was later made public that he was facing eviction on the 1st of July, had a history of mental illness and appeared to be in crisis when he was killed after repeated attempts to subdue him failed.

#BlackLivesMatter #Montreal pour une stratégie nationale en santé mentale pour les Noirs en collaboration avc la communauté noire." #polmtl

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The long wait is finally over Montreal! 

Jazzfest 2017 is officially kicking off at the end of june and the lineup is bigger and better than ever.

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