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jazz illa

This weekend, Montreal has a huge variety of events -- from a student run Graffiti party to Berlin techno, and Les Nocturnes du Mac at the Contemporary Art Museum to Jazz & Illa. We, at MTL Blog Eventshope that you get out of the house to hit up these events even if you have exams around the corner or the weather isn't as Springy as you had hoped.

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Photo cred - PartyWithSylvain 

We hope you all recovered from St. Patrick's Day, because you'll need much more energy than a drunken Irishman to make it to all the insane events going on this weekend. From Jean Grae and Rakim for Hip Hop week, to the world's largest toga party, to lip-smacking steak deals at Cabane du Portugal, the MTL Blog Events team doesn't know what else to thank than the luck of the Irish for this hype weekend.

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Photo cred - PartWithSylvain

The city has been really cold and we know that you cannot wait for the spring to hit. But bear with it Montreal, we still have a couple of weeks left. Montreal en Lumières is here to brighten the city and it starts tonight! A whole lot of fun things have been prepared for you and we know exactly which ones you should not miss out on and the first one is MTL Blog's 3 Year Anniversary Party. Also, it's looking like the weather will be better than it has been for the past week so no excuses party people!

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