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justin trudeau quebec

On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to the University of Manitoba, where he was confronted by a supporter of the People's Party of Canada who questioned Trudeau on his abortion rights stance. The video, which sparked major controversy has since received millions upon millions of views.

On April 22, Trudeau took to his Instagram to revisit the video and make his stance on reproductive rights very clear.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined the ranks of male political leaders with questionable haircuts this week, debuting extra short tufts and high, choppy bangs during a visit to Gatineau on July 15. But unlike the unruly wisps his former counterparts in the U.S. and U.K. strategically plastered around their craniums — like sticky helmets jealously guarding their fragile professions of youthfulness — Trudeau's unfortunate new hairstyle can't be explained as a desperate attempt to mask rapidly advancing male pattern baldness.

So the questions are: (1) why? (2) who would do this to him? and (3), perhaps most importantly for Montrealers' claim to Canadian style superiority, where?

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Montreal on Monday, July 11, visiting businesses and organizations in his riding of Papineau — and, later, even apparently sitting down at a Montreal terrasse.

A video posted to the Instagram account Montreal Stories and shared here with permission shows the prime minister seated on the patio next to Provisions boucherie, sandwicherie and wine bar at the corner of avenue Van Horne and avenue de l'Épée in Outremont.

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