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kinoya izakaya

With arguably the best bar scene of any major city in Canada, Montreal is teeming with awesome hot spots to enjoy a night out with your friends. Aside from the lively partying that's always going on somewhere in the city, what contributes to the city's vibrant nightlife is also the multitude of unique, interesting bars that you can't find anywhere else.

Whether it's the decor, history, or an interesting gimmick you've never seen before, some Montreal bars are just built to impress. From skateboarding to surfing, a night on Montreal's eccentric bar scene can leave both longtime residents and new tourists in awe.

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As a native of a country where pubs are the norm, I’ve found it difficult over here to find new favourite haunts that strike that perfect balance between great drinks, tasty food and an atmosphere that welcomes you like a local, even when you aren’t.

As it turns out, the one place that hits all of those buttons for me already, is now set to offer the Montreal scene a new go-to spot for late-night drinks.

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Who here's ever been to an izakaya? If you have, then you know how awesome it truly is. Izakayas are a delicate blend of casual, welcoming fun, delicious and authentic food, and, of course, drinking.

If you've never experienced this Japanese dining adventure, then don't worry. Montreal has tons of authentic, fun Japanese izakayas for you to enjoy.

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Kinoya Izakaya is the japanese bistro you just can't miss out on. The pub/resto/bistro is located 4250 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8.

As soon as you step in the spot, you will be properly welcomed by their wonderful staff and placed into what could be called one of the most insane bistro environment available in Montreal.

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