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koa lua

Montreal is home to countless must-try restaurants with culinary influences from just about every corner of the world. While getting a taste of the real deal never disappoints, you won't need a passport for this palatable foodie experience.

Whether you're in the mood for Mediterranean, Asian or African cuisine, Montreal's food scene has got it all. This way, you can skip out on the airport hassle, and dive into a culinary trip you won't forget at these seven undeniably delicious Montreal restaurants.

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Montreal sure is known for having some insane themed restaurants, but this one sure is unique! Not only will it make you look and feel like you are still on summer vacation in Hawaii, but it will also makes your mouth water!

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If you ask anyone in the world (or in my office) what my favourite food is, they'll probably tell you it's poke. 

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Alright, guys, we've officially made it to December! I know, it's crazy, it feels like Januaray 2016 was literally yesterday.

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Alright, friends, confession time: poke is my actual bae (pokebae? No. No, ignore that).

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