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le fumoir rubs smokehouse

Well, we have poutine so why not have chicken and waffles! This may sound odd to the ordinary taste buds but trust me, it is absolutely delicious! The combination of delightful chicken and sweet waffles makes your taste buds sing!

This dish originated in the South and has managed to make it's way to Montreal. Now, Montreal actually has some of the best chicken and waffle restaurants in all of Canada! I strongly suggest checking them out with your friends this summer.

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Photo cred - BS in the Kitchen

Everyone knows that some of the best Montreal mac n' cheese recipes comes from the little blue boxes filling the backs of our cabinets and the dank store rooms of our depanneurs. Nothing is better than KD on a late night when you don't have $10 to spend on drunk/high food. Being such a willfully naughty city, Montreal has taken its love of foods that pair with substance abuse to new heights, with many quality restaurants, food trucks, and bars, serving tasty and innovative Mac. We even have our very own Mac & Cheese Week in regard to our famous festival culture!

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