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One thing that's definitely been on people's minds during the pandemic is the housing market. We spoke with Samuel El-Kaim, a local real estate agent, to help calm any of your stresses.

As the market around us seems to be pointing towards trends never seen in a city like Montreal, what's the best move? Is it the right time to buy?

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We know all too well the struggle of trying to get in shape and with the holidays coming around it won't get any easier. Well, I have something that might help you get started! It's called a ketogenic diet. Of course this diet won't just work alone, you need to exercise as well plus, everyone's body reaction differently so results won't happen immediately nor will they be the same for everyone.

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You know, your friends with benefit, casual hook up, woe, girl you're seeing, all terms to define someone that you're having a sexual encounter with, but not necessarily dating publicly. This could also work if you just started seeing someone and want to keep it more on the DL so that your friends and family don't start bombarding you with questions like: when's the wedding?! when it's your second date.

So, where do you bring someone you want to enjoy an evening with, but without running into everyone you know? It's getting harder in this city, since all the low key places, turned into the new hip go-to bars. These places have THE best ambiance for a romantic evening, and prove that there's still a couple hidden gems in the city, if you're willing to do some research... Or simply read along.

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Here's something you don't hear very often: Gas prices in Montreal are going to drop. Usually the only gas related news we get are warnings that you should fill up ASAP before prices start rising, but this time the tables have turned.

Gas prices have been falling steadily in Canada. In Ontario it's down to 80¢ a litre. They're especially lucky because there is a price war going on in the area .

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