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maripier morin

More than 10 years later, Maripier Morin still hasn't lived down her awkward poolside conversation with American actor Bradley Cooper. Sitting down for a conversation with singer France Castel on Radio-Canada's L'autre midi à la table d'à côté, Morin recounted the anecdote that later led her to believe that Cooper "knew I was an alcoholic before I did."

MTL Blog sister publication Narcity Québec was first to report this story.

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Maripier Morin has given birth to her first child. Her partner, Jean-Philippe Perras, made the announcement on Instagram.

"We expect everything except.... everything that finally happens," he wrote, congratulating Morin — who he described as "the mother, the power, the strength, the woman, my love" — for what he suggested was a "CO-LO-SSALE" effort.

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In a Thursday morning Instagram post, Maripier Morin announced she is pregnant and due to give birth in two weeks.

She used the post to reflect on her feelings on the cusp of motherhood.

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Montreal's real estate market is filled with all kinds of unique gems, and Quebec TV star Maripier Morin's newly listed $799,000 condo is definitely one of them.

Although Morin has been relatively off the grid since allegations were made against her in 2020, the actor decided to share a real estate listing on her Instagram story on November 2. Gabrielle Pigeon, the real estate broker selling this condo, confirmed with MTL Blog that this listing is in fact a property owned by Maripier Morin.

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  • Former Montreal Canadiens player Brandon Prust posted and subsequently deleted an Instagram story with a message for his ex, Maripier Morin.
  • In the post, Prust alleged that he was never paid for an ad campaign he did with Morin.
  • See the photo below.

The morning after the Gala les Olivier, Mike Ward isn't the only one provoking reactions. Indeed, while all eyes are on the comedian who delivered a rather flamboyant speech, it is the former number 8 of the Montreal Canadiens, as well as former husband of celebrity Maripier Morin, Brandon Prust, who has garnered a lot of attention with a story on his Instagram account.

The former hockey player published a photo of an advertising campaign for the Rockland Centre with his old flame. Accompanying the photo was this message:

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