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montreal july weather

Montreal has passed the point of no return. Days are longer. Temperatures are rising. Flowers are blooming and with them, the prospect of summer revelry bursts into vivid focus. But could a wet July dampen our outlook? That's what the Farmers' Almanac seems to suggest.

As Narcity Québec reports, the site's July weather forecast for Quebec and the Maritimes calls for successive periods of rain and storms with the only reliably nice weather at the very beginning and end of the month.

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The Quebec weather forecast for July is out, and things aren't looking too hot...literally! The Farmer's Almanac has released its July predictions, and the province is in for a wet ride.

After June delivered some rainy days, intense thunderstorms across the province and even a tornado watch, it doesn’t seem July will be all that much better.

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The Quebec weather has been relatively kind to us this past spring, and while we've encountered hot and humid days, it seems as if the weather is looking up this summer... sort of.

The Farmer's Almanac published its 2022 weather predictions for the Quebec region this summer, and it's safe to say we're in for quite a mix of temperatures.

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